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Question: Is this weird? Not having sex by the time your 18?
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Question: How to deal with rejection??
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Question: Can I post a new thread?
Answer: It's literally every latina girl in the world This website is fully functional for desktops, but was designed for mobile phones. The location services are far more accurate on your phone. To view members closest to you, please use your phone.
Question: Is this clingy behavior?
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Question: Where can I find attractive lesbians???
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Question: Am I right to be upset with my boyfriend?
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Question: How important is humor to you?
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Question: Is spending £200 going away with my boyfriend selling out my friends?
Answer: Wtf is not french !

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Question: Do I go to her birthday?
Answer: Well, I had this idea in mind and my best friend also happened to be female. It was not on purpose, just happened that way.

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Question: What should I be thinking? Made long story short.
Answer: Man, valentine come and I move to Oklahoma state which is very boring state and the community there is kinda small and the worst is, you can't approach only woman you know and I don't know anyone there so I sign up in naughty website f me right

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Question: How often do people fail at their first date?
Answer: I'm not most of these things though

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Question: Hey gang,How'd'ya to stop getting chatted up by butters birds?
Answer: When I was in Canada 3 years ago, I couldn't get enough of hearing the French spoken by the people I mingled with, in Vancouver. But, I'm absolutely sure the French dialect from France, is more ear-catching.

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Question: Can Situation be Rectified?
Answer: I am a german dude. An I can tell you, this vid about german girls is so right!)

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Question: Guys, do you pick your girlfriends based on their size?
Answer: That was great.

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